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April 2017 Heart Portal Energybody Upgrade


The April 2017 Heart Portal Upgrade is offered to you from Lelama Sjamar, one of the Teachers of the Divine University. The recording is 101 minutes in length, and offers you a beautiful illumination of your chakras, a blessed heart expansion and powerful dispensations for a deep connection and mergence with your Higher Self to receive guidance for a specific personal intention.


This meditation is a journey into the Sacred Space of the Heart Portal where you will receive the blessings and support of the Archangels and Angels for a new level of trust and empowerment, to receive your Higher Self guidance and create a profound change in regards to an Intention you set for your path of Higher Life Purpose.

In a Sacred Colour Journey with the Rays of Light you receive an opening, flushing and illumination of the chakras in your Crystal Core. The Angels and Archangels fill, bathe and saturate each chakra with a specific Ray of Light that is infused into the chakras and your energy field with gentle Sacred Sounds in the Divine Voice of the Angels. Upon completion, your whole field is blessed with the Pearlescent, Opalescent and Rainbow Rays of Light.

You will be visited by Mother Mary in her Blue White Robes of Light; Archangel Gabriel in his Golden Robes of Light and Archangel Raphael in his Light Robes of Purity and Liberation, each one offering you a Sacred Dispensation and Blessing for your sacred path this month.

The 1st Dispensation you will receive is: THE BLUE ROSE OF PEACE AND LOVE from Mother Mary. The Blue Rose is placed in your Heart and Crown Chakras. Each petal of the Rose infuses thousands of Elixirs of Peace and Love to saturate your Crown and Heart Chakras and enables you to bring balance in your life with the peace and love of your heart.

The 2nd Dispensation you will receive is: THE GOLDEN MANTLE OF LOVE AND WISDOM - a Golden Crucible of Wisdom and Love from Archangel Gabriel. This Golden Mantle of Love and Wisdom blesses your Soul Star Chakra and Higher Heart Chakra to open your Soul to greater levels of receptivity and trust of the Love and Wisdom your Higher Self and the Greater Field of Oneness hold for your life path.

The 3rd Dispensation you will receive is: THE GOLDEN SOLAR DISC OF PURIFICATION from Archangel Raphael. This dispensation is offered to bless specifically your Hara Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Base Chakra. When spun at the Divine Rate for your being, The Solar Disc of Purification opens, cleanses and illuminates these three lower chakras to deeply liberate the essence of the Soul.

In a Golden Pyramid Chamber of Communion you are invited to meet in communion with your Higher Self to receive and trust the special keys and guidance this one holds for you, so you may truly forgive and deeply accept something in your life with your own power, and create a GREAT TURNING POINT IN YOUR LIFE.

May you be peaceful and open to receive all your Higher Self holds for you. May you embrace the Love and Wisdom of your Soul’s Light to create the change in your life you may have been looking for. May you share the sacred blessing of your own heart and love with all that is in your life.

With deep love and gratitude,

Lelama Sjamar

Teacher of The Divine University


Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings! Blessed Be All Beings!


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