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August 2017 Heart Portal Energy Upgrade


The August 2017 Heart Portal Upgrade is offered to you by Qala Sri'ama, the Founder of the Divine University. The recording is 58 minutes in length, and offers you a beautiful journey of opening the Heart Portal, an amazing sacred space of pure love and light around you, and receiving the visitation of the 7 Archangels, Mother Mary for the purpose of igniting the 9 Sacred Flames of Divinity in your chakras and central pillar.

The journey offers you three powerful dispensations which lead you to align your energy bodies with your heart energy, rejuvenate your spirit, and purify the 12 dimensions of energy body, purify your earth connection, 12 primary chakras and your 12 higher chakras to create you to experience a deepening of your Higher Self connection and deeper connection to DIVINE SERVICE and GIVING of your Higher Self at this time.


This Heart Portal journey meditation opens the Divine University's Heart Portal around you and brings you the visitation of your Higher Self, Divine Presence, the 7 Archangels of the Earth, including Archangel Michael, Masters and Mother Mary. It is a beautiful journey which fills you with love and light, leaving you filled and refueled for your life.

You shall receive 3 special dispensations to deepen and clear your Higher Self connection and initiate the 9 Sacred Flames of Divinity within your central chakras so you may ground your Higher Self within the physical plane and physical body more deeply.

The 1st Dispensation you will receive is: THE MASTER ENERGY BODY ALIGNMENT from the 7 Archangels. The 7 Archangels offer you a 60 minute alignment of all your lower bodies via firstly cleansing all 7 bodies and then aligning them to your heart frequency. This requires 60 minutes to complete.

The 2nd Dispensation you will receive is: THE ELIXIRS OF REJUVENATION from Mary and the Archangels. As you are guided to open your divine connection to the earth's core and sun, and you receive a Golden Pyramid of Light chamber as divine support, Mother Mary brings a golden chalice filled with the elixirs of rejuvenation and she pours them into your crown, brow, throat, thymus, heart, solar plexus, hara, sacral and base chakras for the rejuvenation of your spiritual connection.

The 3rd Dispensation you will receive is: THE TABLETS OF PURIFICATION from Mary and the Archangels. These 12 tablets of purification are very powerful and are placed in your crown. You can work with them in a variety of ways to assist the purification of your energy, but always through asking for the tablets of purification to spin and activate through specific centres. In this journey, the tablets spin through all dimensions of your chakras, all dimensions of your energy body, through your higher chakras and higher light bodies. Short teachings are given also to support the understanding of how or why to work with the tablets of purification. As the three dispensations are received more deeply, you are guided to receive the blessings of the opening of the 9 Sacred Flames of Divinity in the 9 chakras of your core connection. On completion, you are invited to ask your Higher Self to merge with you, via your higher light bodies and higher chakras and you are asked to meditate on your heart flame in regards to your Higher Self's present service in life.

We offer this divine journey to you with all our heart and blessings and ask that all obstacles on your path be removed so you may have a loving and flowing month dear hearts. May you continue to shower your love and light upon all you meet and receive all the love and light you need to keep your heart open and expanded beloveds. Blessed Be.

With deep love and gratitude,

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Founder of The Divine University


Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings! Blessed Be All Beings!


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