The February 2017 Heart Portal Upgrade recording is 55 minutes in length. As you listen to it, a powerful sacred space will activate all around you. You will be filled with divine energy and your heart and energy body will be cleansed.

After more than a year of the HEART PORTAL FREE MEMBERSHIP activating and supporting many people around the world to feel lighter and freer, the HEART PORTAL ENERGY UPGRADES are changing their focus to spend one year to create a much more powerful focus of support. This is our gift to each of you.

Each linkup every month will now hold the following as their primary focus:


You will be visited by Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and offered the following 3 dispensations in support of your life path. This sacred journey will lead you to meditate in a golden pyramid of light to make connection with your Higher Self in regards to an intention you set that is important to your personal life. You will receive an empowerment from your Higher Self, and you may rest in this higher energy, open to receiving assistance or divine guidance.

The 1st Dispensation given by Quan Yin, is THE CHALICE OF COMPASSION. This dispensation is given to increase the Love, Faith and Trust in yourself and others. It offers the divine energy needed to reduce suffering or pain felt by your own soul or others that you encounter.

The 2nd Dispensation given by Archangel Michael, is THE ANGEL of CLARITY. This small Angel is placed in your Brow Chakra to assist your mind to perceive the positive influences in life and resist the negative perceptions.

The 3rd Dispensation given by Archangel Gabriel is THE ANGEL of TRUTH. This small Angel is placed in your Throat Chakra to assist your words to be positive and reflective of your Higher Nature.

May you have a beautiful journey. May peace surround you, embody you and bring greater peace to others!

With deep love and gratitude,

Qala Sriā€™ama

Founder of The Divine University


Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings! Blessed Be All Beings!


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