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March 2017 Heart Portal Energy Upgrade


The March 2017 Heart Portal Upgrade recording is 53 minutes in length, and offers you a beautiful meditation and powerful journey of deep heart connection with Angelic Higher Self and infusions of Divine Love, to enter a deeper connection with your Higher Self for a specific intention you choose.


This meditation is a journey into the Sacred Space of the Heart Portal to be supported by the Archangels and Angels and your Higher Self on your path of Higher Life Purpose, with a new level of empowerment for Communing or Meeting your Higher Self in regards to a personal intention in your life. You are visited by the Elohims’ Angels, and are given many dispensations for the support of your greater heart opening. Including 13 Lunar Pillars that ground around you, to activate a Temple of Love to ground around you. They pour a Golden Chalice of Pure Love through you.

A sacred meeting with your Angelic Guardian and your Angelic Higher Self occurs in the Temple of Love. You are guided to connect your heart deeply with your Angelic Higher Self. You will be visited by St Germaine in Violet Robes of Light; Mother Mary in Robes of Light and Christ in Golden Robes of Light. They activate a Golden Pyramid for Higher Self Connection around you and offer you sacred anointments and blessings for your being.

As you receive the following dispensations, you are supported to set your INTENTION FOR THIS MONTH, of working with your Higher Self.

The 1st Dispensation you receive is: The Chalice of the Violet Flame and Elixirs of Transformation and Transfiguration from St Germaine. This dispensation is placed in your Base Chakra for the transformation and transfiguration of all that is not your love and light held in your Base Chakra.

The Second Dispensation you receive is: The Violet Feather from Mother Mary. This dispensation is made from the highest frequency and works with The White Feather used for cleansing the mind. This dispensation can sweep through all that is heavy on your mind, and as you speak with Great Spirit/God Source, and honour what is heavy on your mind, and you call for the Violet Feather to lift it, it will allow your mind to be lighter.

The Third Dispensation you shall receive is: The Sun Disc and Holy Flames of Platinum, Violet and White Fire from Christ. This dispensation when activated and spun through areas of your body such as your feet, cleanses unresolved energies that may be stored in your legs, or other areas of your body.

May you have a beautiful journey. May peace surround you, embody you and bring Greater peace to others! May this assist you in expanding your own heart, sharing your love and aligning through your heart's guidance to the next steps on your path of discovering or fulfilling your higher life purpose.

With deep love and gratitude,

Qala Sri’ama,

Founder of The Divine University


Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings! Blessed Be All Beings!


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Monday, 27 June 2022

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