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WESAK Message To Humanity from our Mother Earth and Qala Sri'ama

We thank each one of you who joined us for our yearly WESAK Ceremony and received the gift of Light from Buddha. Receiving the light serves us to be a Clear Sentient Light Being and it is not too late for you to receive this profound gift of Grace for your soul, body, mind, spirit and heart.The WESAK preparation and ceremony audio recording is available for purchase and will need to be received by 25 May 2019 after which time, the Wesak Moon Portal will close.

Please take the time to read the potent message below from our Mother Earth and Qala Sri'ama.

  • Wesak Message to Humanity - The Importance of becoming a Clear Sentient Light Being in Service to the Earth
  • The 7 Steps - How to become A Clear Sentient Light Being​


The Mother Earth is calling to Humanity to awaken their consciousness and is calling on the Light Seeds, sent from the Universe, to bring compassion to those who may live in ignorance or disrespect of the Love and Divinity of every living eco-system of the Earth.

Mother Earth's message to you is ……Beloved, forgive yourself and forgive all others who may have disrespected the Earth's eco-systems and forgive those who do not seem to be co-operative or part of the Solution as Awakened Caretakers of Nature. Start from a place of respect with every person, species or being, and you shall ground humanity's respect through all of nature. Nature shall respect humanity through the art of each one of you, making amends for any acts of ignorance that have created harm or disrespect of life. Make amends with the forces of nature on behalf of all of humanity. Give back for all that has been taken, for all of life that has been disrespected, and for all of life that has been taken for granted. Give back and you shall be part of the solution in creating balance between humanity and nature.

The Eco-systems of the Earth are indeed threatened, and life as many have known it to before, with the vast range of lifeforms, birthing children, seeds and fruiting, cannot be taken for granted any more by Humanity. Indeed this is the present situation. The relevance of awakening consciousness and the Light Seeds, are more important for the Mother Earth and all species now, than ever before, as humanity now has a choice to recognise the Earth as a living sentient being, and recognise the Earth as the Mother to all of life. This choice is held by the collective, and has not been available before now, and is activated in the Collective Consciousness because of the new children who have been born upon the Earth.

What will you choose beloved? Will you choose to see the Earth as irreparable? Or as a living sentient being that has the power to regenerate life, so it may have children, bear seeds and fruits once again in multiple abundance? Will you choose to protect the Earth so the Mother Earth can regenerate lifeforms and threatened species may be assisted to expand in numbers again? Will you make your relationship with the Earth a priority, hold clear positive thoughts about the Earth Mother and stand solidly in your heart as a Loving Protector of Mother Earth? Or will you give away your power to negativity or neutrality and be non active and despondent beloved?

We place the question before you, asking you sincerely… Do you take YOUR life for granted presently? Do you wake up each day, expecting something or do you give thanks for the sunrise each day as being enough for your being?

If you do take your life for granted, we suggest you are not yet part of the solution and not yet able to assist in maintaining balance for nature and the Earth. You are needing to see life as precious and sacred, as a gift beloved. We suggest that when you take your own life for granted, you will take others for granted, and the Earth Mother for granted too, creating a life of despondent feelings, or a life based on great expectations. Life will only disappoint you when you take life for granted. This is a sign you need to become a clear Sentient Light Being, and a sign you need to make your energetic clarity, a high priority.

We suggest if this is true in any way for you, that you may need to examine your thoughts, ideas, wants and desires in life to determine if they raise your vibration and serve you in living in a clear heart energy and clear energy field. Through examining your thoughts, ideas, wants and desires, you may learn to recognise the preciousness of your life. It takes only one moment to contemplate your life, being threatened, to truly appreciate your life and no longer take it for granted. When you are truly aware of life as a gift, as precious and sacred, your life as a human being becomes a life with the power to take responsibility to use your consciousness and awareness, in service to all of Life. No longer is your life focused on yourself and on problems, but it becomes a gifted experience of giving to those around you and a life focused on creative solutions, instead.

We bring to your awareness dear heart, to the understanding that when humanity is not aware of the sacred aspect of their life, that they are still awakening in their consciousness, and still learning how not to be part of any problem of causing harm to others or the Earth. Becoming part of the solution to Mother Earth's sacred calling to all awakened Souls, to become Clear Sentient Light Beings who serve the Earth Mother and all species before all other agendas, simply requires you to cleanse yourself, and connect IN SACRED SPACE through the Open Heart to Mother Earth and all Species, and follow your heart's guidance.

Becoming a Clear Sentient Light Being is the most important task in the formation of the Solutions to all problems, humanity may have created on Earth and now face in present day society, worldwide, beloved.

All of the solutions are within the minds and hearts of Humanity already, but a great rearrangement is necessary and a new agenda must be accepted by Humanity. The Earth must become the priority of Humanity and every human must be rearranged on a molecular level and cellular level to carry their consciousness as a part of the solution, and no longer as party to the cause of harm to any species or the Earth.

It may seem impossible, but generations of children are being born for this single purpose on Earth. There is a great collective of Souls who are arriving and have arrived with this collective mission to re-prioritise the Earth and place the Earth to her true value, above and beyond humanity's misuse. Fundamentally, within the heart of all beings, it is known succinctly that this is the Time, very soon – 2020 to begin a great rearrangement in every human being's bodies. Many more souls will awaken and many Souls are activating the new paradigm of thought for the collective. Are you ready to do your part beloved? To participate in the great rearrangement by ensuring you are clear in your heart and in your energy field?

The new paradigm of thought about the Earth is beginning now in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth, but it has existed in the singular minds of many individuals for thousands of years, and also over the last 100 years, as they have been breaking the old paradigms of thought and penetrating the collective consciousness with higher conscious awareness of humanity's sacred relations with Mother Earth and all beings. This relationship has not been lost but has been held by The Indigenous Elders and Peoples all over the Earth, and has been held by the Nature Spirits and Infinite Array of Light Beings who love the Earth. The true relationship of humanity with the Earth Mother is returning into the collective awareness, and The Earth Mother is calling on you to Awaken your Consciousness and Clarity as a Being, to the level where you are part of the Solution so the many generations of children to come may have a new paradigm of thought and belief about The Earth Mother as our collective priority as Caretakers.

There is no overnight solution for the development of this awakening of Humanity's true role as caretakers of the Earth, as you are a part of the solution, and the Earth is waiting for you to do your part with clarity and love, beloved. The Earth is waiting for humanity to do their part, knowing all solutions are already held in the hearts and minds of humanity. This great rearrangement begins with your choice to hold love for the Earth and create respect within one's own being for the sacred nature of Life as your highest life priority.

What will you bring to the table beloved? Will you be a CLEAR SENTIENT LIGHT BEING, a carrier of the New Paradigm of Love and Respect for the Preciousness of all Life, or will you carry the old energy and old ways of being, and continue to be part of Humanity's disconnection from living in right relationship with Mother Earth and all life on Earth? Will you make this choice to make Mother Earth a priority in your life and choose to make amends on behalf of all of humanity? Or will you make no choice and instead, live on the fence in the despondent energy zone, living between the worlds of the old paradigm and the new paradigm and believe you are purely physical and that you are not responsible for your heart's clarity or your energy field's clarity because you are a victim and not part of the solution? What will you choose, and will you choose to hold the new paradigm with the new children of Earth. 


You are already a Light Being even if you do not know it. Your Soul is a Light Frequency Spectrum Being and you either live in a flattened frequency and energy, or you live in your true vibration. Your energy field and heart is the key, and if it is not yet important to you, it needs to be the first step, to make your energy field and heart the most important aspect of your being that you look after and care for. So many are focused on the care of their cars, the care of their material possessions and yet have no care for their energy and heart.

Shifting into the new paradigm as a new thinker and Higher Consciousness being, requires a clear energy field and a clear heart. It is from this sacred space that we can bring long lasting solutions to our collective issues.


Connect to your Heart. Within your Heart is your Eternal Flame, the Source of your Divine Energy, and when you connect to your heart and keep it clear energetically, you can access your Divine Energy and Higher Truth or Guidance. Cleanse your Heart Chakra and cleanse your energy field through learning to receive a river of Higher Light Frequency, as well as Sacred Sound and Love exchanges beloved. Open yourself to learning about your own renewable energy source, the Unified Field Connection and Quantum Light Frequency Activations, so you can stay upgraded in your energy body and activate your field to raise in vibration.

Accept other's as they are and do not try to change them. Resonate with them, or recognise if you do not resonate with them, you can be loving and compassionate anyway and be patient with them if you connect your heart to their heart when you connect live or long distance with them. Your time with other matters in your life is never more important than your open-heart connection to another being. Remember this. Making time to connect your heart to another's heart even if you do not resonate with them, creates them to resonate to a new frequency, a frequency that can resonate with you.

Be brief as no one needs your whole life story to know you. Heart connection grants all others a symbiotic link of true connection to your Soul. This is more than enough. Know yourself and make heart connection and recognise this is all you need to do. Know that the Higher Self of another being will either have made an agreement to connect their Soul with you, if a flow in a relationship is meant to be and there is a higher purpose that always serves you and their being. Never underestimate and judge another person, by what they look like, by what they do or by their connections or you will only see as far as your judgment allows you and your relationships will always be controlled by limitations that seem to be beyond your control beloved.

Consider the time you have each day and specialise your time for important matters. Whilst this is very important, also ensure that you do one kind act every day where you go out your way to serve a higher purpose that is not just in service to yourself and your own growth or personal responsibilities. Consider humanity as your family and extend your mind and heart to grow your heart energy everyday. This will ensure you do not stagnate or lose clarity in your heart energy. This will create your heart to magnetise what you need to you in divine timing, not in accordance to your mental planning.

Let go of your mental planning as this forms 49% of unclarity for humanity. Let go of matters you have not yet forgiven, and learn the art of forgiveness (the art of giving love again) as this forms the other 51% of unclarity for humanity. Be sure to forgive and resolve all matters in your life or you will lose energy and be drained by all that you have left unresolved and unfinished. Do not walk out of the door with bad feelings. Take responsibility for your feelings and do not blame the world or others. Resolve matters with love and compassion and learn to place yourself in the shoes of others before speaking. Mature your emotions to the level where you are no longer afraid of using the power of your heart to forgive all who may have hurt you or judged you. Be mature and evolve each day by taking responsibility for your feelings.

Accept that every day you have the power to do good in your life, when you are in your heart connection. Accept every day that your ego is learning how to do this and must also be willing to accept help, compassion and love from others to accomplish this. You cannot be a lone island in this world. Join hearts and minds with others and choose to become a solution to humanity's problems in the world. Do not focus on the problems. Do not look at the problems as difficult. See humanity as holding the solutions and issues being resolved more easily. Hold the right attitude and have faith in your brothers and sistars of humanity.

We are all able to make mistakes and may fear failure in life, but there is no failure when you give from the heart and when you choose to live in your heart, no matter what happens. There is no failure when we connect hearts. There is no failure in the loving, compassionate, forgiving heart and there is no failure when we are willing to learn from our experiences and give back to make amends when we have created an imbalance. There is no failure when we are willing to learn and we take the time to slow down and stay clear and connected to our hearts and allow the flow of our divine energy to move us, instead of being pushed by mental plans. There is no failure when we accept we have time in life to love, forgive and bring compassion to ourselves and others. There is no failure if we choose to take our time, and give ourselves time to reconnect and become clear sentient light beings.

Sentient beings feel the energy vibrations and align to the Vibrational flow of Energy as a Divine timing for events in their life. This is a learning and as you attune your vibrational field closer to your True Essence or Light Frequency, you will become more aware and feel the flow of Universal energy more. Keeping one's Energy field and heart clear is essential for true feeling or sentience of the Energetic flow in life - the flow of Spirit or synchronicity and the true connection we hold as human beings. Become more sentient, by ensuring you do not hold the belief that you have been a failure or are a failure, by recognising that every experience offers great learning, and resolution can create the sense of wholeness and success. Do not give your power to the old paradigm that you will either fail or succeed in life. Life continues and failure is only a belief and is part of the old paradigm. Let go of seeing life through the idea of success and failure to become a Clear Sentient Light Being.

All my love and blessings,

Happy Wesak!

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Founder of the Divine University

Its not too late to sign up for The Divine University Wesak CEREMONY

Its the most important time each year to receive the Light and raise your frequency

Be Sure to at least join up to receive the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony


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