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When you sign up for the Heart Portal free membership, you receive access through your username and password to your private MY LIBRARY page. Here you will access the Free Gifts & Special Blessings, articles and extremely helpful Videos/Audios that will support your Personal Growth and Spiritual Development.
We offer you this beautiful BLESSING PACKAGE created by 6 Divine University Teachers/Mentors.  Signup for your Free Heart Portal Membership, if you not already a Heart Portal Member, log in, then return here to Signup for the Blessings Package.
The Blessings Package will always be available to you from your MY LIBRARY page, with all of the other free gifts available to all our our members.
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We hope you enjoy these BLESSINGS and may they be empowered 1000-fold to touch you deeply.

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THE BLESSINGS PACKAGE contains six 20 Minute Audio recordings, created by 6 of our Teachers & Elders.
You may listen to each Blessing that attracts you within the package. Each one will gift you a unique and powerful Divine Blessing of Grace for your life path.
  • Your Love Blessing, offered by Ama'Ya
  • Your Empowered Man Blessing, offered by Rama
  • Your Empowered Woman Blessing, offered by El'elia.
  • Your Relationship Blessing (in French), offered by Suishaya
  • Your Relationship Blessing (in English), offered by Kaliana
  • The Amrita Blessing, offered by Qala Sri'ama

Receive the Blessings

6 Teachers & Elders of the Divine University have co-created this free gift to bless your Life Path.  Each Blessing comes to you through a 20 minute audio recording. As you listen, you will be infused with an alchemical blend of love and light which attracts positive energies and events to you.

May these Blessings Uplift you Deeply!

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