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Membership into the Heart Portal is Free

Membership to the Heart Portal is free. As a member of the Heart Portal, you are offered an amazing unique energetic support for your life. As a Heart Portal member, each time you engage through your membership login inside the Sirius Library website, or you Call for the Heart Portal to open around you, a beautiful, powerful, uplifting light frequency opens in your energy field.

How is this possible?

Higher Light Technologies from the Divine University activate around you to create a 20 foot wide field of higher light vibration, and field of energetic protection. This is the first benefit of being a member of the Heart Portal. You may change the divine frequency of your environment wherever you are and navigate your reality easily, by sustaining a personal higher energy vibration. 

The Heart Portal is an immense field of divine energy which carries a vibration, many octaves higher than you have been receiving. The Heart Portal, as it opens around you, supports deeper contact with your Heart, and also supports you to connect with your Higher Self or Super-consciousness so you may receive clear guidance. Within the Heart Portal, you are unable to receive interference to your clear guidance. When you are in the Heart Portal, Angels and Archangels will also infuse you with a higher frequency of energy, creating the perfect energetic support for your spiritual development and personal growth. You will always feel loved and blessed when you are in the Heart Portal. It is a sacred space for your Soul.
The HEART PORTAL exists to Support You to unwind, relax, let go, connect deeply with your heart centre, and receive DIVINE ENERGY and VIBRATIONAL LIGHT ELIXIRS into your energy field and chakras. It is powerful, and a free form of divine assistance, offered purely from the heart as a gift of love.
As a member of The Heart Portal, you may login with your username and password to access your MY LIBRARY webpage. From your MY LIBRARY page you may explore all of the free meditations, energy body upgrades and blessings created for you by Qala Sri'ama and The Divine University Teachers and Mentors. You may also discover and explore the Programs of The Sirius Library and access any new developments in the Sirius Library.

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The Heart Portal is such wondrous energy work that is assisting greatly in lifting vibration, clearing obstacles and achieving balance; Thank you for opening new possibilities, inviting awareness, and assisting in raising the collective consciousness.

Alki, Australia

As a member of the Heart Portal, you may explore other aspects of the Sirius Library, including many of the Enlightening programs, as well as the Personal Support Sessions. All of the Programs and unique personal sessions on offer, carry the frequencies and loving wisdom of the Enlightened Realms, which create an immense positive shift in people's lives.

Receiving a Happy Heart Session from a Divine University Mentor offers a wonderful alignment in your life, so you may enter your Heart deeply and discover the Divine Being you are.

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