The Secret Teachings

The Secret Teachings of the Masters

The Secret Teachings is an authentic spiritual pilgrimage through the Ancient Egyptian temple system of the Nile River in Egypt, which completes inside The Kings Chamber of The Great Pyramid and The Paws of The Sphinx, at one of the 7 Wonders of Our World.
Each Pilgrimage calls spiritual initiates from around the world, to receive a Unique New Training with Qala Sri'ama, the founder of the Divine University, as an instrument for the Enlightened Master's Highest Level Teachings.
The Secret Teachings Egypt Pilgrimage with Qala and The Enlightened Masters

The Secret Teachings Egypt Pilgrimage with Qala and The Enlightened Masters
Each Secret Teaching Pilgrimage is guided by the divine plan to:

Provide a complete New Training for Initiates of the Spiritual Path to advance their personal growth and spiritual development and open specific new connections or higher gifts.
Reveal Secret Teachings never revealed before on Earth to humanity, that are held within Golden Books of Higher Knowledge. These are received whilst sitting in circle in higher frequency spaces created in private, hotel conference rooms.
To activate resolution, healing, transformation, balance of karma and new levels of reconnection for all spiritual pilgrims.
To initiate the light frequency of spiritual pilgrims, and awaken and empower their spiritual work and missions, through deepening the level of support they receive from the family of light.

Here is What People are Saying About The Secret Teachings Journey...

The Enlightened Masters have shared that the next SECRET TEACHINGS PILGRIMAGE will reveal from The Enlightened Masters "THE MOST IMPORTANT TEACHINGS" Qala will bring through in her lifetime. If you have the chance to join her, you will be blessed for not only many years, but also in your afterlife beloved.


Join Qala & The Enlightened Masters for an Authentic Spiritual Pilgrimage through the Egyptian Temples & Pyramids!


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