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Your Growth can be so Easy, Through Working with a Mentor in The Higher Life Session System

The Higher Life Session System is an amazing series of Personal Sessions delivered to you by the Mentor of your choice.
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About the Higher Life Session System

Our Session System requires you to firstly receive The Happy Heart Session, before receiving the next level Session from the Higher Life Session System.
Each Session is 90 minutes in length and has its own unique name, purpose and process that creates results for each person who receives the session.
Each session prepares you for the next level of personal energy work,  in the highest and most efficient way for your PERSONAL SHIFT beloved. Moving through the whole system is a dynamic and empowering process of amazing support for your Personal Growth and Development.

The Higher Life Sessions offers you 3 sessions in the following order:

What is so Unique about The Higher Life Sessions?

The Mentors of the Divine University work in Sacred Chambers of Light, in connection with your Higher Self and Soul, with any Higher Light Guides, during each of the 90 Minute Mentor Sessions.

You are energetically supported to shift old energies effortlessly through a Pyramid Chamber of Pure Light Frequency - one of the higher light technologies of the Divine University that creates your aura, energybody and chakras to expand and let go easily.

The Divine University Mentors are always in a higher state of Higher Self connection, working in oneness with your Higher Self and your Guides, when they are gently scanning your 9 primary chakras during each session, to assist you to receive Grace, Love and Resolve with all that may lay inside of your being blocking your Happiness, Peace or Loving experience in life.

You will be infused with Divine Energy and Loving Grace as you receive your Higher Life Session. Expect to feel much lighter after each session you receive, as layers of burdens or hidden fears purify or gently release from your being.


Why Work with a Divine University Mentor?

You will always be called to a Mentor when it is the perfect time for you. There are always periods in our lives, when we all need that extra bit of help. It is a strength when we accept it is our TIME TO RECEIVE and we choose to receive Grace so everything can go and flow more smoothly and quickly, than if we strived on all alone. 
These sessions are unique, masterful and have been specifically designed to deliver maximum benefit to you in your life. You move through this system of sessions in your divine timing, completing all that is needed for you to have a happy heart, then a peaceful mind and finally a loving soul. Your chosen mentor will hold the love, compassion and Higher Self connection to personally support you through a transformational shift.
Through each session you receive, you increase the capacity within your chakras to hold pure light. The more light you hold, the greater your happiness, confidence, experience of inner freedom and your ability to be positive.
Within each session, you will receive powerful forms of grace that is very personal to you, and your will receive a teaching on Universal Law. Through the Grace given, your energy will shift and open a new door in your consciousness. Your love for yourself and your life will grow as you understand the workings of Universal Law and learn to empower yourself to experience your Happy Life.
The Higher Life Sessions of The Divine University are a powerful support system for the evolution of your Soul, towards your Higher Life Purpose. When we live our life with purpose, we love life, our gratitude grows and our soul is fulfilled.
The Divine University

The Mentors of The Divine University have been trained to deliver these 3 types of sessions and now offer to serve you in the highest way possible. To receive your personal session, we invite you to follow your heart with your choice of a Mentor, who would best support you, personally.

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