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I have completed the 6-12 month Self Mastery Club training, and I have to say, for me it accomplishes EVERYTHING Qala describes on the promotional page for this program - to a Tee, every word. I remember when I first read the training description when the program was first launched, I wondered if I would really experience in real life such a positive shift. You know how the mind can play tricks on you, and second guess things. Now, as I reread the training description, a year later, I have noticed how every word describes EXACTLY my experience, and how my life and being has changed 360 degrees as a result of this amazing comprehensive super effective, and super useful training that began taking effect immediately. I noticed as I practiced and went through the lessons every day, that the training was providing an incredibly powerful positive, happy and bright & informative experience to plug into every day. I looked forward to my training sessions every morning. With all the craziness going on in the world which can dampen our spirits, this training program, whether I plug into it for a half hour every day or 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs, it really helped clear my energy. I felt a lightness of being, a definite positivity throughout the day, and felt lifted into a higher WIN-WIN dimensional energy field, all while teaching me/reminding me/leading me through the most useful and relevant educational process. I noticed how my life was immediately manifesting amazing WIN-WIN experiences all around in my interactions with others - even through all my life challenges, and learning curves - amazing WIN-WIN results and happy satisfied smiles would manifest for everyone involved. I learned to manage my reactions, harness my energy, and apply that energy in more productive ways. And working with the Masters on my projects was so sweet, helpful, insightful, empowering as they provided gentle alignments so the projects were more on track manifested in the highest way, and were completed in a more timely basis. WIN-WIN lifestyle is a matter of fact now, the norm, and I love seeing happy smiles all around in every interaction, project or experience! With so much love & gratitude, An'jeena
The Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother, Egypt 2019...This was the greatest of gifts to be in Egypt and Receive the 13 Initiations of the Holy Mother, for Qala Sri’ama Phoenix is a Spiritual Teacher like no other. Her capability of delivering wisdom teachings and transmissions of Divine Love and Divine Power from the Enlightened Realms far exceeds anything we could ever imagine. These Holy Mother teachings were truly magnificent, a blessed divine gift of great proportion and so very special to receive, as we believe this was the highest level transmission’s we have ever experienced from Qala in over 15 years as a devoted Student. These initiations have profoundly changed and upgraded our life and we believe there could be no other Human who could exceed what we have received from Qala in this life. She has been our greatest Teacher on the Spiritual Path of Universal Truth, and not only has this Training expanded our consciousness greatly, it has taken us to a level of refinement in our own Spiritual Work as a Mentor and Channel. The changes that have occurred from the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother have been ‘mind blowing’ and so significant and Healing, not only for us personally as we walk the path as a Divine Mother Vessel of Grace, but for those who we hold closest and dearest to our heart. Throughout all time WE shall be supremely Grateful to Our Beloved Qala for the enormous generosity of her being to be in service to God and Humanity.
I attended the Secret Teachings of Enlightenment in 2018 and the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother in 2019, both held in Egypt. WOW is an understatement, after training with many teachers in the past 20 years, Qala has far surpassed all of them. Her ability to bring through the most amazing frequency, light, love and wisdom is beyond the comprehension of the mind. I am forever grateful to her for the immense service she gives to us and all of humanity. I have grown in ways I cannot explain, my clients tell me I am different and much more powerful. The work continues way beyond the physical journey and time spent in Egypt and these teachings are a gift from God delivered by the most loving, open hearted and considerate teacher you will ever meet in this lifetime. Ever so grateful and in the deepest gratitude to beautiful Qala. Take the next step and open yourself to receive.
The Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother, Egypt 2019... I knew meeting Qala and going to Egypt would change my life, I just did not know how. When I would ask myself ‘How does it feel to have a higher vibration’ - now I know, and this is what happened! I am the same and at the same time I feel more empowered through the teachings and meditations, my divine flame is shining brighter and it visible to all that surround me, and my self-love has heightened as my possibility to help others and bring the light wherever I go. My gratitude is immense as my possibility of a new life full of positive manifestations and love. Thank you Qala, and thank you Egypt, I finally walked the land in the purest and most loving way.

The Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother, Egypt 2019... I return from my journey in Egypt with Qala and our group of 50 unalterably changed. Words are beyond inadequate in describing how and why. Here’s my best shot at it.

To be so truly and fully ‘met’ in all of me - seen, heard, felt, read, understood, believed and accepted. Then enfolded into the deepest potential, tended to and allowed with tenderest care, challenged cleanly and clearly with such generosity. This is potent beyond measure. My deepest soul yearnings crystallising through all the experiences in which Qala led us. Amplifying to the ’nth’ degree what is latent and being the bridge and guide to continue their amplification. At a depth and pace which this non practitioner’s body can handle.

Claiming my power is a concept with which I've struggled. When Qala explains it being the equal balance of light and love my struggle ceases. She is the complete, inspiring, living embodiment of that. I breathe easily and commit to uncovering my version of the same. Not intend, commit - even just one tiny thing per day. This is no small thing as I’m reorganising my life to accomplish it...

The impact of the teachings, journeying in Egypt to all the sacred spaces and in the energy of Spirit all around has been manifold. As a coach and consultant in business and life, I now understand the spiritual base of all I offer in the secular world. And have renewed energy to continue to do so differently - despite reaching ’retirement’ age. I am committed in a way that will not let me go.

Opening up undiscovered parts of me, being in an altered state of devotion, timelessness, communion, grace and being sung. Having the daily experience of 'we are all one' through the resonances of sacred souls surrogated on the journey. Connecting with some exceptional others, making soul friendships, hands and hearts of timely support, the joy of being with all beings. Finding a pathway to live in this current reality melded to my inner experiences, my heart and souls calling. Touching into the peace which passeth all understanding, my poet returning, beauty joy wonder and awe accompanying.

As I write these words all are tangible to me. Trusting the energy behind them conveys something of the experiences back to you. I’m profoundly moved by what Qala brings forward and cherish this 'time out of time' in Egypt with her. A testimonial can only confirm what you already know, do you know…?”

The Mother Pilgrimage, Mexico 2019... My heart is full of love once again. Qala has the beautiful gift to take you back to yourself and love all around you. Giving you a shift in your consciousness, with all her love and the Masters’ Light. I can’t be thankful enough to have her in my life, this last journey with her was amazing. Thank you
Christ Healing Retreat – August 2015 Bellingham, WA, USA... This retreat was miraculous. Qala has access to knowledge far beyond that of even advanced healers walking the Earth. She resolved some of my most complex, long-standing emotional issues in one brief session. I feel truly blessed to have attended this retreat.
Christ Healing Retreat – August 2015 Bellingham, WA, USA... I came just being open to an amazing 5 day retreat. I left with so much more than I could have imagined. The teachings and knowledge shared by Qala and the Masters have touched my heart and opened me up to a new level. The program was easy and always safe to follow. I’ve made new friends, but I feel the biggest blessing I received is from the practicing of the healings offered. Words can not describe it – but DIVINE.
Christ Healing Retreat – August 2015 Bellingham, WA, USA... This retreat was so amazing. So much Grace poured forth & through… Divine Grace blessing us all… so beautiful, so exquisite. Forever touched & blessed. Eternal gratitude for this, and that is a small offering for such a profound gifting of Grace.
Christ Healing Retreat – August 2015 Bellingham, WA, USA... Being able to work with the Enlightened Masters and channel the Holy Spirit has been humbling and such a source of growth. The Christ Light Healing is powerful, transformative, and the influx of Grace is beyond description. Being able to learn from the Masters and work on others in the class was empowering and divinely guided. I was so blessed to spend these 5 days with Qala, the Masters and our heart centred class. Grace & Gratitude.
Christ Healing Retreat – August 2015 Bellingham, WA, USA... I came with my heart full of pain & distress. I left with my heart full of joy, forgiveness, awareness, love & so much Grace. My gratitude to Qala always from the bottom of my heart.
The Heart Portal is such wondrous energy work that is assisting greatly in lifting vibration, clearing obstacles and achieving balance; I am grateful to the team that have generously made this work accessible to all. Thank you for opening new possibilities, inviting awareness, and assisting in raising the collective consciousness. Blessed be!
Any participation in one of Qala Sri Ama's workshops or retreats is a sacred gift of self-investment. I have studied extensively with her for 10 years now and the reason why, is that I experience profound shifts in consciousness each and every time I work with her, I receive the tools to support myself with, and Qala's capabilities to transmit higher divine Universal teachings continue to expand and grow every year!! If you are dedicated to personal healing or to the evolution of consciousness, I promise you will be AMAZED ~ She is a precious gift to humanity!
I want you to know that I have signed up at the Sirius Library & have been enjoying the powerful meditation & information. May God bless you and all the teachers there.
I love watching how every soul Qala Sri'ama touches turns to gold. She has the most amazing skill at uncovering, developing and shining even the most hidden of precious jewels & unique soul gifts within a person. Just like a parfait or onion has many layers, Qala has the ability to tap quickly and unfold even the deepest most hidden of layers, the core, the highest divine self within any human being. I am forever in awe and gratitude of this process.
I cannot express my respect, admiration and gratitude enough for the work and teachings I have been privileged enough to be a part with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix. I am a mental health professional with a 25 year career working with many different people and within many organizations, as well as in my own private practice. I have completed many professional, educational and self help courses over my career as well as had the gift of extensive personal therapy and supervision . Yet, I still felt something was missing from not only myself but my career . Qala's teachings have provided me with the missing link and have giving me the final key to understanding myself and humanity in a way that was previously not available to me, despite my extensive hard work. I feel that with her work / teachings I have been able to assist me to "marry" all my other studies and experience, to not only help me understand myself at a deeper level , but to assist me to know, understand and above all have love and compassion for my clients in a way that is helpful to them. Her teachings are profound and her, integrity, compassion, insights and love have touched me in a way that few other teachers have. Qala has a willingness to be honest, vulnerable yet professional and respectful, she assists other to find their own knowledge in a way few people I have had the pleasure of working with have been able to attain. She is humble and truly walks her talk by living and practicing what she knows to be higher truths and wisdom. Qala demonstrates to her students that whilst she offers teaching, wisdom as she knows it, she believes we all have the power and knowing within ourselves when we connect and practice from our heart with love and integrity. I am eternally grateful for her gifts and wisdom and her heart based teachings. Give yourself a gift and just sit and listen, you will know immediately what I am trying to express. Not to mention, she travels to some amazing places and lots of fun and joy accompanies her journey's. You will have the privilege of meeting lots of wonderful people, whilst experiencing all that Mother Nature has to offer.
Qala I am immensely grateful to you and the Masters for bringing these teachings to humanity. Each day I woke up in gratitude and looking forward to the next teaching. These profound teachings and powerful activations have taken my journey to another level, another dimension. It's been such a joy to listen and receive the teachings which have consolidated and given me even more clarity and a foundation to build upon. Taking responsibility for my energy body and stepping into my Mastery is integrating into my being to another level with ease and grace. I look forward to waking every day to practice a 30 minutes meditation. I experienced a deeper connection with Maitreya during Master Meditation 9 and I was received into a great hall filled of many masters. They was great joy that I was conscious of being there with them and so was I! There's so much more I could share , It's been an extraordinary journey.
I have been studying with Qala Sri’ama for quite a while now, and the Master Meditation Classes do really tie everything together. I do feel Master Meditation offers the missing link that deepens the opening of the parts of the energy body that were previously untouched, and I haven't even really started my 3 months study plan yet!
For those who are not sure if they would benefit, I did query myself as to why I needed to study Master Meditation after already having done so many other wonderful courses, before I joined the program. I am now so glad that I am heart connected and divinely guided enough to let go of mind/ego thoughts and chose to do this course. In my experience, this is a must do course, not just a ‘good to do’ course. Thank you so much Qala for grounding this work.
The Secret Teachings of the Masters… Fantastic, Superlative, Transformational and Amazing – I highly recommend Qala's programs " The Secret Teachings of the Masters" - profoundly clear, deep and practical filled with great tips and practices. Everyone experienced insight and illumination on many levels.
The 3 weeks that I spent in Egypt with Qala and Amaya was the most profound experience of love and support of my life. The true effect began after my return home, and continues and accelerates week after week. With deepest gratitude, and much love.
The Secret Teachings of the Divine Channel has been the deepest and most profound blessing for us, and the Earth. To know and receive the highest potential blueprint and teachings for a complete and effective training to be a grounded divine channel is the greatest blessing. The teachings for me will help me live a balanced happy life as well as bring through my service as a channel in the highest way.
The three day divine presence retreat in London with Qala has taken me through a profoundly deep and rich journey through which I many aspects of my consciousness have resolved and returned to my heart. I am profoundly grateful for all I have received. Qala is truly a unique inspirational teacher. A blessing for us all.
I attended Qala's retreat "Energy Science of Your Universal Connection" and found it very helpful. Qala's teachings are very clear and of a high frequency; they made it easy for me to go outside of my mind's limitations and connect with higher guidance. Qala is a very approachable teacher and is willing to answer all questions so that everyone in the workshop understands the processes; no one is left behind even if energy work is new to them. The atmosphere at her retreats is very loving. I felt that I was held in a bubble of love and given time to just be myself, be with kindred spirits, and expand my consciousness. Attending a retreat with Qala is a beautiful gift to give your self.
The Secret Teachings has been the journey of a lifetime. My heart is forever grateful for what I received - Infinite blessings!
Nothing can prepare you for the magical spiritual adventure that will unfold in front of your eyes under the guidance of one of the most gifted teachers that the world has to offer in this moment. From the Pyramids of Giza, to Luxor and Abu Simbel, and all the magnificent Temples on the Nile, I experienced the journey of a lifetime, where so many layers have been lifted from my being in order to be replenished by the light of these ancient and very special Temples. Qala is offering us something truly divine, unlocking through her clear channel, the timeless Secret Teachings of the Enlightened Masters, for the benefit of our Soul's evolution.
The Secret Teachings of the Masters… This program was empowering, practical, enlightening, encouraging, powerful and divine. I am deeply grateful to Qala, the Masters, Angels and Emissaries of Light for the love, light and support to ground these extremely significant teachings on the Earth for all of Humanity.
Be prepared to be amazed, enlightened, and spiritually alive. I have had the privilege of attending several retreats and Sacred Ceremonies with Qala over the past 3 years and I count those times among the most spiritually uplifting, enlightening and full of personal growth and awareness that I have experienced. I found an increased awareness and awakening and as well as learned new healing techniques and ways to incorporate and live in a balanced, enlivened spiritual path. The information that Qala receives and shares is divinely guided and she shares beautiful teachings and meditations. It will be the most spiritually and peaceful retreat and you will come away a different person with a new awareness and awakened.
The Secret Teachings of the Masters to anchor the Divine Channel in April 2016 with Qala Sri'ama in Egypt, has been the most profound journey with the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light and has deeply enlightened my being, assisting me to release deep old fears that have stopped me in the past, ugh, more than words can express, for the opening and deepening of the divine channel on earth. Thank you Qala Sri'ama! Thank you, Thank you!
The Secret Teachings of the Masters has been the most fulfilling, amazing, fantastic experience of my life. It has completely changed my life in ways that I thought I would never accomplish on my own. So thank you Qala for the divine gifts that you offer to the world, without them my life would still be the same.
Qala is a divine messenger of love, light, compassion and healing. Being with her, and experiencing her teachings, expand the heart, clear the mind and open your spirit to unlimited potentialities. She offers a "quickening" in Divine resonance, and you will find your self Full, while learning to surrender and let go. My experience of the Christ healing retreat was life changing, and I recommend working with Beloved Qala in any way that you can access. We are so blessed to have access to Qala's light, love and illumination.
The Secret Teachings of the Masters… I am so impressed with the quality of Qala's teaching and how it has precisely met my needs and taken me beyond. She is tuned in to each of us and addresses what is needed. Discussion expands a thought that may be familiar and then breaks it down and then dissects it again so thoroughly and then even more thoroughly to make this a very powerful teaching – and it is all done with great love. I am so grateful.
Last year I was fortunate enough to attended Qala's "Energy Science" program at Lifebridge in Rosendale, NY. The level of Qala's ability to bring forth the clearest, highest and most multidimensional teachings from the Masters is profound! Her frequency will literally "blow your mind" – that is to say: really expand your mind and consciousness. Qala is a true "teacher" of spiritual evolution: her compassionate, open, kind nature is truly a gift, and shouldn't be missed. If you are a seeker, ready to awaken, evolve and co-create this new Earth, then this is the place to be this August. Qala teaches only once a year in America, each teaching is delivered specifically for the group consciousness and the teachings ready to be revealed. Lifebridge is a beautiful Lodge with spectacular views of the Catskills, and excellent food, pure mountain water and a sacred gathering temple, for sure. See you there!!!
Truly my life has been blessed to have had the extreme good fortune to have studied with Qala Sri’ama at each of her NY/US east coast retreats, since 2004. Each teaching has been entirely new and fresh, and vibrantly - somehow magically, current - always addressing not just my own heart’s deepest concerns, but that of every participant. It’s both a mystery and a wonder how Qala manages to meet all these needs, which sometimes we ourselves are unaware of, until we hear them either spoken through the teachings, or reveled through the open discourse that she invites. Unmistakably, one comes to recognize these pearls of wisdom that Qala shares as ‘the key’ to our next step in our personal growth and evolution. The Energy Science lessons are always easily applicable to improving the quality of our daily lives, as they combine clear teachings for the mind to understand and vibrational energy healings and attunements for the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Thus, all is harmonized through out one’s system and the new understandings are easily integrated into one’s daily practice and life at home. From this journey of studying with Qala over the years, my life has become so much richer and deeper than I ever could have imagined... It’s not that it’s always been easy, but I’ve had the tools to meet what has come with great aplomb and a strength that I had not previously known. My intimacy and caring with my husband, family and friends, becomes ever more genuine and real; as the love through my open heart continues to exponentially expand. Studying with Qala Sri’ama is not just the opportunity of a lifetime; it’s the opportunity of many lifetimes!! Listen to your own heart’s calling: and do not miss it!!

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Qala has created over 150 unique programs of new education with the Enlightened Masters for advancement of our consiousness. These programs open access to our Superconsciousness and Mastery, developing our Divine Connection to create the embodiment of our Higher Self and Divine Presence as a Path of Transformation in the reaching of our human potential.

Qala's Teachings are unique in their precision of revealing completely new information, sourced from the Universal Realms, and through the Power of Transmission of Divine Frequency which infuses all participants and shifts them into a higher state of awareness.

So many people continue to be amazed at the heights of love, peace, happiness, and the natural high they can reach through the teachings, wondering how it was possible through simply listening to Qala, that their energy state and experience could alter so deeply and so quickly, as if to be touched by the Angels, or the hand of God.

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