Core Teachings

of The Divine University

Pure Transmissions of Light Frequency

The Divine University Teachings carry pure transmissions of Light Frequency within them that raise the energy vibration of all who receive them. As you listen to the teachings, you are placed in a Chamber of Light, which ignites the light in your chakras, opens your higher conscious awareness and expands your Divine energy. Listening then becomes easy as you are INFUSED WITH DIVINE ENERGY whilst you receive the wisdom teachings.

Our Core Teachings deliver Pure Transmissions of Light Frequency and Divine Energy to Activate Your Heart, Gifts and Higher Life Purpose

In the Divine University, we believe that you already carry everything you need, inside you, and that all you need to receive is the light frequency and divine energy as this ignites your access to who you are, your gifts and why you are here.

Transmissional Core Teachings on a large variety of subjects are shared in this way, and each teaching delivers an Octave of Light Frequency, which activates the consciousness and divine energy of the receiver. The Core Teachings of the Divine University make direct contact with the heart chakra and central chakra system of each receiver.

What is So Unique About the Sirius Library Programs &
The Teachings of the Divine University?

We Specialise in Frequency and Deliver It in a Miraculous Way

The New Education and Wisdom Teachings are profound and offer true Spiritual Food to all on their Spiritual Path.

Divine energy infusions are received, as you listen to Voices of Love and Wisdom.

Divine Visitations from the Archangels, Angels and Enlightened Ones take place throughout the Training Programs.  

Our Higher Light Technologies create Personal and Spiritual Growth to be Purposeful as well as Uplifting. They accelerate the Personal Shift of all who Join the Sirius Library Programs.


The Divine University Core Teachings activate the Light and Love Currents inside the physical body and energy system via the following 5 primary elements of your body, mind, Soul and Spirit.


Your Crystal Core

The Core Teachings of the Divine University activate the Light within your Crystal Core. The Crystal Core of your Energy body may be seen as your Life Energy battery and the Core Storage Unit of your Pure Light. When your Crystal Core and Inner Light activates, you are free to express your Authenticity, Divinity and Super Creativity in your life.

Your Eternal Flame

The Core Teachings of the Divine University guide you to connect with your Divinity, which is also known as your Eternal Flame. Your Eternal Flame is located within the base of your Heart Chakra and is Your Source Connection to All That Is, God/Great Spirit and also your Connection to your Holy Spirit - your Divine Presence. This is the Three Fold Flame of your Love, Light and Power that every Soul holds within. It is your greatest inner power to heal, shift or illuminate all in your life, beyond the limitations of any belief or circumstance.

Your Central Pillar of Light

The Core Teachings also activate or initiate your Central Pillar of Light. This pillar is a bridge, created through the activation and alignment of your chakras, and when activated, initiates the power of your heart and mind to work as one with your physical body. When we connect our Pillar of Light into the Universal Field of Oneness via Opening our Divine Connection, we experience the sensation of resting deeply inside our Heart and in divine connection with God's Presence, All That Is.

Your 9 Chakras

The Core Teachings may also activate or initiate your primary 9 chakras - your crown, brow/third eye, throat, thymus, heart, solar plexus, hara, sacral and base/root chakras. These chakras are the Generators of your positive life experiences. When they are ignited with divine energy, they activate your light and higher consciousness to be expressed in life.

Your Unique Divine Frequency

Your Soul's Pure Light / Consciousness is all you need to live a life of fulfilment. You carry this pure light inside you. Activations of your Energy, Heart and Crystal Core open your divine light frequency to shine out from your Heart and Crystal Core. The new relationship you make with yourself and the world is amazing when you discover and accept your Divinity.

There is No Greater Feeling Than Feeling Aligned with the Mother Earth & Universe and Feeling Your Wholeness

This changes everything for you, and everything begins to improve. With regular practice of opening your divine connection, your issues can shift and life can flow with greater grace and ease.

Join Qala for her Online Classes that guide you

To Open Your Divine Connection so You May Receive Divine Energy Regularly

When your inner Light is TURNED ON and your Heart Chakra is Open, and you have your Chakras activated as a Pillar of Light, your whole life, perceptions, and reality is suddenly experienced with peace, love and harmony.

You are Connected into the Greater Field of Life

Feel the Difference in Your Life When You Open Your Divine Connection to the Unified Field of Love and Light - YOUR CONNECTION TO THE DIVINE

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