Understanding Your Spiritual Path

Grounding Your Spiritual Connection

Your Spiritual Connection begins within your Heart, and connects you with Mother Earth, All Beings and our Vaster Universe

Your Spirit can be simply understood to be the Vastness of your Consciousness or Light. It is the Vaster Light of your Being, offering your growth and unlimited possibilities. Your Spirit cannot be contained only in your Physical Body and is the force within you that Guides you on your Path.
There are many levels within your Spiritual Connection that you can open and activate to benefit you. As you open and ignite your Chakras with Light, your Spiritual Connection (also called your Divine Connection) grows to create the expansion of your consciousness and heart energy.

Grounding your Spiritual Connection in a powerful way only takes place through dedicated Spiritual Practice. Some of the best Spiritual Practices are those that move the light frequency of your Soul, to concentrate, or those that bring in the light from the Universe and Earth core to fill your chakras and physical body.

Your Spiritual Path is your Journey Home through your HEART
to meet the DIVINE within you and all life

Your spiritual path is also your highest level preparation for the next journey in our life - our journey into the afterlife.  As you follow your HEART, you shall discover your higher life purpose and experience your life's greater meaning.

When the Crystal Core of your Energy body is activated to connect into the Universe and the Earth core, you open to the process of RECEIVING the LIGHT of GOD through you, thus GROUNDING your SPIRITUAL CONNECTION into your heart and through you, into the heart of our Mother Earth.

This is a powerful alignment process that all of the Divine University Teachers and Mentors use, when they are working with all individuals and groups, worldwide. To receive the training in this, Qala Sri'ama Phoenix recommends that you Become a Student of Master Meditation. You will learn to open 7 Levels of Your Divine Connection and receive 7 Master Meditations for your Spiritual Practice.

Your Spiritual Work is your Service
to the World, Mother Earth, your Community & Family

Your Spiritual Work may manifest in 2 ways - firstly as your inner work of balancing or self transformation, ascension and enlightenment,  and secondly,  as your service work in the world which increases in its effect as you balance and enlighten more deeply within yourself. Your inner Spiritual work moves your Spiritual energy - Light Frequency powerfully and builds your spiritual current and divine connection with all of life, offering your profound insights and higher awareness as your consciousness enters a more powerful symbiosis with Mother Earth and our universe.
Your spiritual work in the world is called your Service work and it benefits others to have greater freedom in some way and aids to align their spirit to the deeper nature of their HEART and in the meeting of the Divine. Your Spiritual Work is awakened, opened, activated and initiated by your Holy Spirit - Divine Presence. It leads you to discover The Great Mystery of God's Love, Light and Power both within yourself and within the world. Your Spiritual work shall cause a great shift and liberation of  burdens, fears, personal karma or family karma and may lead to ascension, inscension and to enlightenment. 

Open Your Divine Connection

The Great Shift into the Heart and Your Higher Purpose always occurs more gracefully when you RECEIVE DIVINE ENERGY and ACTIVATE YOUR SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS and choose to OPEN YOUR DIVINE CONNECTION.

The Divine University teachings shares that our Spiritual Development is one of the highest services we may offer our familiy. Since all of our family members, including our ancestors, are so deeply linked with us through our DNA and genetics, as we shift and grow through our hearts and energybodies, they also are blessed to be assisted or freed, receiving the benefit from all our acts of spiritual work made towards transformation and healing.

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How Do We Ground Our Spiritual Connection in Life?

Grounding your SPIRITUAL CONNECTION activates your Life Path direction to align with your HIGHER LIFE PURPOSE.
When we acknowledge and accept our Spiritual Path in life, we accept our uniqueness and a deeper part of ourselves that seeks love and unity.  From this power of acceptance we may begin to work in alignment to our highest potential growth.
To ground yourself on your spiritual path, you also need a grounded spiritual approach to your life.
This approach is based on Love, Collaboration and Believing and Choosing to create Win-Win Outcomes & Experiences. Once we choose love, collaboration and the win win experience for everyone as our grounded Spiritual Approach, we can easily become clear in our psyche, or psychically clear within our minds, and let go of old fears, burdens.
As we do this, we can know our Way of the Heart is our Spiritual Path to Love and Freedom, and a Life of Higher Purpose and Meaning.

The Grounded Spiritual approach to life is based on Love, Collaboration and believing and choosing to create Win-Win experiences. Your Faith, Unconditional Love, Non Judgment and Forgiveness are the 4 Fundamentals for Grounding your unique Spirituality.

To do this, we must be willing to let go of the 4th Dimensional Thought and paradigm that may be based on Control, Competition and Winning/Losing.
This is the thinking in life that activates the ego nature of our being to take control of our reality, leaving no room for the Heart and our Holy Spirit's blessings. When we begin to feel trapped or bound by Time and Space, from the 4th Dimension, our Ego can try to become our Guide in Life and begins to try to take control. The ego is always seeing life as a competition, measuring all, and looking to life as a Win or Loss instead of an Experience.

Letting go of the old approach of Living Life with that attitude that you must be fully in Control, seeing everything as a Competition and the goal of Life being reached through either Winning and Losing is what creates our Higher Awareness or Positive Loving Approach.

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